Our Obstetric Fees

Dr Alexander is a solo obstetrician and gynaecologist offering private (one to one) care for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

The discussion about your care and delivery happens throughout your antenatal period and Dr. Alexander listens and discusses all aspects of your pregnancy and addresses any concerns.

Our Difference

Over the past 17 years Dr Alexander has been present at 97% of all his patient’s deliveries.

For the few exceptions when Dr Alexander was involved in another emergency, he has relied on other senior obstetricians that share the same principle and values in obstetric practice. This ensures that you are in safe hands.

Your Complete Care

Dr Alexander's “complete private” care offers our patients continuity of care, there is always one to one consultations and discussion. You will be seeing Dr Alexander on all your antenatal visits and delivery.

This differs from some obstetric groups that are sometimes referred to as "private share groups” where you might be seeing a different doctor or midwife on your antenatal visits and also at the time of your delivery.

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Dr Alexander's Fees Explained

A small premium for peace of mind.

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