Childbirth Preparation Lessons

You may also be interested in taking childbirth preparation classes, which teach coping methods for labour and delivery, and helps guide new parents in the many decisions they will make before and during the birth process.

Packing for Your Hospital Stay

Most women who deliver naturally or by C-section usually need similar packing bag.

Be sure to pack a bag with

  • Enough comfortable clothes for your hospital stay

  • Pack shirts and tops that have zip or buttoned fronts if you plan to try breastfeeding.

  • Look for soft clothes with loose elastic or adjustable waistbands,

  • Warm socks, and

  • Even a couple of zippered sweatshirts or cardigan sweaters for those cool hospital rooms.

  • Include toiletries such as toothpaste and toothbrush, lotion, brush, makeup, and soap.

  • Nice-smelling bath soap,

  • Your favourite lip gloss,

  • Brand new slippers, or

  • Extra special hand cream can provide just the pick-me-up you may need while recovering from your surgery.


Labour may start at full term or sometimes preterm.

Your labour may start by having irregular contraction that may pick up in duration and intensity. This is the time when you need to call the labour ward at the Mater Hospital.

CALL  07-3163-7000.

You may have

  • Gush of fluid (ruptured membranes),

  • This sometimes can precede contractions,

Please ring the labour ward and proceed to hospital.

Dr Alexander prefers you to be in hospital for further assessment and management as needed, as there is increased risk of infection.