Natural vs Cesarean Childbirth

Babies can enter this world by either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Cesarean section.

While natural birth is far more common than a Cesarean delivery, the chart below offers  our mothers of her childbirth options with some pros and cons for each approach.


Natural Vaginal Delivery

Cesarean Section

What is Involved

  1. Birthing room procedure
  2. Delivery through vagina
  3. Baby arrives when ready
  1. Surgical procedure
  2. Delivery through incision on abdomen and uterus

When Indicated

  1. Good contractions
  2. Strong bearing down
  3. Small or normal baby size
  4. Normal or not malposition
  5. Not small pelvis
  1. Fetal distress
  2. Failure to progress
  3. Abnormal presentation
  4. Low lying placenta
  5. Contracted bony pelvis
  6. Multiple babies

Benefits for

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Breastfeeding within 2 hrs
  3. Faster resumption of diet
  4. Less postpartum depression
  5. Higher future fertility
  6. Improved immune system
  1. Better for high risk deliveries
  2. Planned birth date and time
  3. Emergency or  birth complications
  4. Less birth trauma and pain
  5. Slow but steady recovery
  6. Less viral infection transmission

Issues to Consider

  1. More Pain during and after
  2. Perineal stretching and tears
  3. Increased risks of haematoma, incontinence and uterine prolapse
  1. More blood loss
  2. Longer hospital stay
  3. Breastfeeding later
  4. Increased baby respiratory risk
  5. Surgical and anesthetic risks
  6. Possible scarring