Bulking Agent as a Treatment for Stress Incontinence

Treatment for Stress Incontinence With Bulking Agents

What is Stress Incontinence

Stress Incontinence is a condition (found mostly in women) where an involuntary emission of urine occurs when an abdominal pressure on the bladder suddenly increases.

Physical events typically are: coughing, sneezing, laughing, walking, lifting, jumping or playing sport.

What are the Causes Stress Incontinence

A number of things can contribute to stress incontinence. Some factors are

  • Weak pelvic floor or sphincter muscles
  • Pregnancy and childbirth,
  • Menstruation,
  • Menopause, and
  • Pelvic surgery

Treatments for Stress Incontinence

Self-help techniques and aids can be used to treat mild stress incontinence. In addition, there are a number of treatments available for stress incontinence:

  • Pelvic floor exercises designed to help strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and bowels to reduce or prevent leakage problems.
  • Bladder Training
  • Pessaries
  • Bulking Agents
  • Sling Procedure Surgery

Bulking Agent Treatment For Stress Incontinence

Bulking agents are substances that are injected into the lining of the urethra.

Incontinence Bulking Agents increase the size of the urethra lining, this increased size creates resistance against the flow of urine.

Bulking agents that is commonly used. If successful, periodic injections may be needed.

When to Consider Bulking Agents

Before proceeding with injection of a bulking agent, the doctor needs to be sure a patient actually has stress incontinence. If the cause if the incontinence is not purely stress incontinence. Bulking Agents may not be suitable.

Where Bulking Agents are suitable the intervention is relatively noninvasive. Sometimes the application of Bulking Agents may be appropriate to consider before other surgical options.

Bulking Agents are not a permanent repair. Multiple injections are required for most people.

Benefits of Bulking Agents

The benefits of Bulking Agents include the following:

  • Precision bulking - The procedure is performed with the help of endoscopy which enables the surgeon to view the urethra and the target site to precisely administer the injection.
  • Long lasting - The molecules of the bulking agent are fairly large meaning they are less likely to migrate or metabolize and typically less likely to move from the injection site.
  • Quick recovery - Treatment is comparatively non-invasive
  • Easy treatment - Typically performed in the doctors rooms or performed in a day surgery.
  • Fast Results - Results are immediate with minimal recovery period.

What are Bulking Agents?

Injectable bulking agents can be natural collagen, synthetic polysaccharides or gels. These agents are injected into tissues around the upper portion of the urethra. These materials bulk the area around the urethra, improving the closing ability of the sphincter.

How Bulking Agents are Used?

The application of Bulking Agents is simple and non-invasive. It can be performed in a doctor’s rooms or as an outpatient procedure at the clinic.

The incontinence treatment can be done under local or general anesthesia and take about half an hour.

As collagen breaks down and is absorbed by the body over time if it is used as the Bulking Agent, repeat application may be required every couple of years.

Your Next Step

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Stress Incontinence or are concerned about any gyneacological problem that may require further investigation take action, Dr Alexander can offer advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and suitable treatment.

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